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Top packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow

Since the year 2000, Velachery packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow has been the leading group of movers that do not exactly offer incredible administration to meet consumers' demands, but the overall value of consumers' feelings with their goods. Realizing that just as well, with our confidence to thrive, we have been developed as an expert in the team and relocation service providers; we have been consulted with a blend of award-winning first-class bags in Chennai's packers and transportation industry.

Velachery packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow has a complete geographical area in Chennai to determine your items, things, and questions from your door and transport them safely to the location you want to discover. We believe in it. We tend to be known as the "Top Packers" of Chennai, who move with improvement, and the thoughts we tend to cultivate in our administrations. Our particular group is happy to serve you at any time of the day; they are ready to closely follow every downgrading (big or small) and these tracks and leave no one even slightly dissatisfied.
Family moving from Chennai to Lucknow.
Chennai to Lucknow Shift.
Main Item moves from Chennai to Lucknow
The Office moves from Chennai to Lucknow.
Change of residence of ETC Chennai to Lucknow.

How much does it cost Velachery packers and movers to move from Chennai to Lucknow?

Prices for moves from Chennai to Lucknow are based on distance and quantity; the price is shared with your estimate to determine the move's outcome. Therefore, we cannot tell you the exact price. However, the cost of the 1BHK transfer is 6,000 - 10,000 INR, 2BHK is 12,000 - 21,000 INR, 3BHK is 22,000 - 29,000 INR; also, the transfer of the whole family is 19,000 - 30,000 INR with car change services.

Who are the best and cheapest movers and packers for Chennai when it comes to moving to Lucknow?

Many families don't have the funds to take a shift if they have any - they don't have the extra money to hire well-paid movers for that shift. Movers are important to prevent damage and hazards to your load during transport, but it doesn't make sense to overinvest unnecessarily. Compare with other movers and hire one of the best Chennai movers in Lucknow who offer very cheap rates.

How to choose experienced and reliable Velachery packers and movers for Chennai for shifts in Lucknow?

When you are in the strategy of searching and finding qualified and reliable movers in Chennai for your shift, then you are definitely in the right place. Here at Velachery packers and movers Chennai in Lucknow, we serve you with all the collective movers in Chennai. You are all different in choosing the reliable, qualified person and truly guaranteed to lay off your work and make a great decision. Rent Velachery packers and movers Chennai in Lucknow when you move.

How many Velachery packers and movers are loaded and unloaded for a move from Chennai to Lucknow?

Velachery packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow are a reliable (and professional) company, as you all know, but why are we standing behind the loading and unloading company, and is it a thriller? To handle your heavy and fragile problem and lift it, we don't believe in the workforce to do it; we use equipment to lift and secure it. And because we care about our employees, we don't do anything that could compromise their health. However, the cost is high because they are difficult to transport and require labor to attach and detach them. The cost can vary from 4,000 to 8,500 hryvnias.

How to move from Chennai to Lucknow and protect your vulnerable subjects?

When you haven't figured out how to amortize your valuables during the move, you're probably late as soon as you want to start the trail. It is essential to properly protect fragile items from damage, unknown snags, and uncertainty.


Velachery packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow is a reliable and trustworthy transition company in business for 19 years. Working and adding companies in totally different parts of India should not be easy until we maintain our clients' credibility. We rely on the only true price to be calculated in your translation; there is no unknown or hidden price to add to your translation.

Velachery packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow Price List

Home Type 0-100 KM 100-500 KM 500-1000 KM 1000-2500 KM
Few Items 4500-9500 8500-16500 12000-18000 14000-25000
1BHK 6500-12500 14000-22500 20000-32000 26000-40000
2BHK 9500-17500 18000-27000 25000-38000 36000-55000
3BHK 12500-24500 24000-36000 35000-48000 48000-65000
Activa/Bike 2000-3500 3000-5000 4000-7500 5000-11500
Car 2500-5500 6000-14500 10000-22000 14000-35000

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Velachery Packers Movers Outstanding Approach

Here are few points that help our customer to know that why are we most reputed packers and movers company in Chennai.

Experienced Comapny

We are rich in experience & we have more than 15 years experience in packing moving industry.

Customer Satisfaction

We always take customer feedback seriously & try to give our best to them.

On Time Delivery

We always try to fulfill our words. We do our best to deliver goods within a committed time frame.

Our Quality

We always concern about goods safety & that's why we use quality packing material for safe transit of your goods.

24X7 Support

We have our customer support department which works 24*7*365 for our customer's help.

Our Team

Our team are available 24*7 in all 365 days of year so clients can contact us anytime to fulfill their relocating needs.

why choose

Why Choose Us ?

Velachery packers and movers is the fastest growing company that provides packers and movers services from Chennai to Lucknow at reasonable prices. We mainly focus on home shifting services, office moving services, vehicle transportation, and other relocation services. We have proper experts in packing and unpacking goods, drivers, and much more. We also use the latest technology, which helps customers to keep track of their live location through GPS monitoring technology. We provide services in local Chennai as well with decent options and high-tech technology.

Home Shifting Services near Chennai to Lucknow

It is a complicated procedure to pack and move from Chennai to Lucknow on your own. It needs a lot of safety precautions to seal and hold delicate things. To avoid harsh conditions, Velachery packers and movers give home shifting services from Chennai to Lucknow, including packing of furniture, domestic stuff with bubble wrap, sturdy cartons, and loading of goods with suitable types of equipment, transportation, and unloading to the destination. We provide insurance for any damage as well.

Transport Services from Chennai to Lucknow

You are transporting vehicles from Chennai to Lucknow; it is a more difficult task to shift home. So Velachery packers and movers came up with a new facility for transporting cars from Chennai to Lucknow. If you are moving to your house and have a two-wheeler or four-wheeler, you can stay relaxed to help you transport your vehicles. We are an Indian authorized company to provide transportation facility from Chennai to Lucknow. We provide 24*7 security services and expert team help. You can track live location through GPS as well.

Office Moving near Chennai to Lucknow

The office includes many expensive products and electronics, like a computer and other furniture. If you have to shift your office from Chennai to Lucknow, don't worry our team Velachery packers and movers provide packing of electronics and furniture in a proper carton, bubble wrap packing. Not only this, but to secure the filling, we give good lamination packing to cartons to reduce the risk of damage. We have an excellent team of experts to pack and move the office from Chennai to Lucknow.

Velachery packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow will make your work efficient, effortless, and fast. You can blindly trust our team. If you plan to move from Chennai to Lucknow so without any tension, contact us and give us a chance to help you. We not only help in transportation of home but also your vehicle. We hope you liked the details about our services.

Let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

Our Services

We provides best relocation services that includes home relocation, office moving, Local Shifting, bike transport, commercial relocation, factory moving, car carriers, warehousing, Transport Insurance Services etc.

packing and moving services

Packing & moving

We have been setting new benchmarks in packing moving industry from last 10 years with our innovative moving solutions & friendly work culture.

Loading and Unloading services

Loading & unloading

Every goods are loaded by our expert workers arranging it in a proper way in the loading vehicle so that no damages or loss occurs while transporting it.

Home Relocation services

Home / Office Relocation

Velachery packers movers provide comprehensive household shifting & office relocation services for our clients in all possible ways to achieve their goals.

Car Transportation services

Car carriers Services

We provide door to door safe & sound car transportation services from Chennai to pan India by company’s own vehicle carriers at affordable price.

Commercial Relocation services

Commercial Relocation

We are corporate movers with many years of experience. We know that time is money. We offer the best office moving solutions for your needs.

Warehouse services

Warehousing Services

We provide the good storage services in Chennai for short term or long term according to the requirements of the customers at affordable rates.

Insurance services

Insurance Services

We also provide appropriate insurance services to make you free from all the unwanted tension & unforeseen risk while shifting the goods to new locale.

Insurance services

Best packers and movers Chennai to Lucknow FAQ

How can I handle the unpredictable situations at the time of packing and moving?

Anything can happen during the packing and moving. You should get in touch with the customers care services and ask for the right solution. Our packing and the moving company will be offering you friendly customer care services. You can always get in touch with us and ask us to provide you excellent support. In this way, you can make a big difference. The customer care executives have access to many information and We can provide you the right solution in this context. Thus, you should always ask us about the best available option. Always make sure that everything is going on perfectly.

How can I move my luxury car safely with the packing and moving company?

You can always move your car with the packing and moving company without even a single scratch on it. Always make sure that you are hiring a good company, which has enough experience of handling the same projects. This way you can make the right choice about the packing and moving company. We will pack your car safely before loading this to our vehicle safely. After packing the car, We will load it into a container vehicle. The professional packers and movers make sure that it is fixed safely in the cargo container. We also use special slides, which are again perfect and provide mind-blowing results to the users.

Can I move my office and home both together at a single time with the packing and moving company?

Our packing and moving companies have the huge resource to run the operation in bulk. It means that you can hire us for the office and home moving services both. Combine your office and home moving task and have some spare time for arrangement and being settle at the new place. Most of the companies will be offering you remarkable package dealing. These packages are very cheap and provide you chances to save some money. Always make sure that everything is going adequately.

How packers and movers load the material safely to the vehicle?

Velachery packers and movers use our special methods to handle various tasks. We should work in a nice context to make sure that everything is going to be perfect. You should be sure that your goods and packages will be handled most safely. You can get perfect results with it. For loading the material into our vehicle, We use slides and many other things. These slides are safe and strong enough to handle the load of the material. The movers can easily use these slides for loading the goods safely to the vehicle. Thus, you should always make sure that everything is happening nicely. In this way, you can achieve huge success with the packing and moving professionals.

How my goods will be protected from dust, rain, and other wear and tear during the moving process?

You should be well aware of the fact that a good packing and moving company always use high-quality packing material before loading this. We pack everything carefully and make sure that everything is protected from dust, dirt, and regular wear tear. We use high-quality packing material for the security of the goods. In this way, you can expect to have the safe delivery of your goods to the other location.

To make sure that everything will be remaining safe during the packing and moving, you should check the packing material quality. You can also visit the sites of the packing and moving companies and ask us to give you a demo or live project. By visiting the live project, you can reach the perfect decision and this will be making your day.

What type of packing material is used for the packing and moving process?

A good packing and moving company usually has its invented packing material. We use advanced packing material to make sure that your goods remain in a safe condition. In this way, you can expect to have better results. Velachery packers and movers make categories of the different goods and then transfer this to the containers.

We use different packing materials for everything like clothing, kitchenware, home appliances, electronic goods, heavy furniture, and so on. We can use blankets, wrappers, old newspapers, bubble wrap sheets, airtight wrappers, and many more. We ensure that your goods remain safe from dust and dirt and thus you should work in the right context.

How can I determine the location of my consignment?

It is better to ask about the tracking facility from the packing and moving company in advance. However, always be sure that the packing and moving company is going to use the perfect system. We install GPS devices in the vehicles and make sure that every vehicle is going on the planned routes. Further, We have a list of everything and which is check on multiple levels.

You can always get in touch with the packing and moving company and ask us about the location of your consignment. In this way, you can always track the consignment and make sure that everything is happening perfectly without any complication.

Can I get a free quote from the packing and moving company?

Yes, you can always demand a free quote from the packing and moving company. You should get in touch with the representative of the company and make sure that everything is happening as per the decided plans. You can also ask for the surveyor who should visit your place and provide you good knowledge that how everything is going to work. In this way, you can reach the perfect decision. Never forget to ask questions about your doubts about the packing and moving services in Chennai. A good packing and moving company will love to answer all of your questions and in this way, We can make a better decision. Always find the ground reality about the company by cross-checking everything.

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