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Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai

Want to shift base from one place to another? Finding it challenging to manage all your stuff all alone? If yes, then contracting Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai is the finest option for you. Moving stuff all alone is very tough, laborious and causes loads of stress. You never know which packing is the finest for diverse items and you might wind up injuring one of your most favorite pieces of furniture or item. Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai branches have been opened to give assistance on this problem and make the process easy and stress-free. These firms offer facilities such as packing, moving, storing services, unpacking, assemblage of furniture, etc. Our facilities can be availed as and when needed. Booking our facilities beforehand is even more advantageous as it decreases cost.

We have specially designed enormous vans that can lodge an enormous number of things such as furniture, cabinets, etc. We also offer cargo if belongings have to be moved from one state to another or one nation to another. The staff provided by Velachery packers and movers is highly competent to deliver quality services to our clientele so the relationship between the customer and the businesses improve. We have diverse packing materials for diverse items and furniture. For instance, delicate items will be packed in a stronger packing material as equated to the robust ones. This way We make sure that your possessions are delivered as We were packed.

Besides the packing, Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai also store your stuff on long-term and short-term basis. With this service, the consumers' possessions can be stowed and moved as directed by the patrons. Once We are delivered We also help in unpacking and placing your possessions wherever needed. This way, you don't have to do anything on your own. We ensure that you know We are functioning very well if We don't know the region where We are delivering We make a vigilant study of that zone. In case of ready-to-assemble furniture, the furniture is disassembled first, then packed and amassed again on delivery. We not only support in moving from home to home, but our facilities can be availed by organization, educational institutes, etc. too.

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While selecting a packing and moving company one must bear in mind the following points: our facilities, the staff, quality of amenities, packing material, trustworthiness, well-timed delivery, delivery vans, fees charged, etc. Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai has all these qualities. We might also insure your possessions so that in case of any loss, theft or mutilation We are paid for. Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai also sign a contract that mentions the fees and that your possessions will be delivered punctually. One must just remember that selecting the right company is important and so you can choose Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai.

Packing and moving is not an entertaining task. It is an unnerving task that makes individuals mentally traumatic and physically exhausted. Whether you are moving for a smaller distance or within the geographical borderline of India or overseas, it unfolds various undesirable complications. So, it is better to make your relocation with the assistance of reputable moving companies like Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai. Contracting the facility of our company will cost a bit, but your possessions will reach the final destination in a safe way. Also, the firm's professional specialists do the complete errands of relocation with extreme care and affections. Relocation is not a laid-back task to do. It requires time and planning. While it comes to changing places, it brings numerous undesirable concerns folks have to face. Packing, conveyance, loading, unloading, unpacking, rearranging, etc. are procedures which folks have to face during our transfer - be it residential relocation or corporate repositioning. During the process of shifting, individuals get in confusion and become freaked. We feel very traumatic and fatigued. Although it may appear hard, it can be made easy. Yes the hectic and annoying procedure of shifting or relocation can be made easier and simpler with the assistance of truly specialized Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai.

There are many branches of Velachery packers and movers offering wide-ranging solutions for all types of shifting or relocation circumstances. Virtually all the main cities of India have Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai agencies offering packing and moving facilities. We are keen to help individuals on our moving requirements. Moving firms from India offer a wide-ranging assortment of services on residential or commercial relocation. Normally, Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai offer facilities like packing amenities, moving amenities, transportation amenities, home shifting, workplace shifting, car carrier facilities, local domestic shifting, loading & unloading amenities, unpacking facilities, etc. On clients' requirements we also offer secure warehousing and storage facilities for valued possessions of yours.

Velachery Packers and movers Chennai Price List

Home Type 0-100 KM 100-500 KM 500-1000 KM 1000-2500 KM
Few Items 4500-9500 8500-16500 12000-18000 14000-25000
1BHK 6500-12500 14000-22500 20000-32000 26000-40000
2BHK 9500-17500 18000-27000 25000-38000 36000-55000
3BHK 12500-24500 24000-36000 35000-48000 48000-65000
Activa/Bike 2000-3500 3000-5000 4000-7500 5000-11500
Car 2500-5500 6000-14500 10000-22000 14000-35000

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Velachery Packers Movers Outstanding Approach

Here are few points that help our customer to know that why are we most reputed packers and movers company in Chennai.

Experienced Comapny

We are rich in experience & we have more than 15 years experience in packing moving industry.

Customer Satisfaction

We always take customer feedback seriously & try to give our best to them.

On Time Delivery

We always try to fulfill our words. We do our best to deliver goods within a committed time frame.

Our Quality

We always concern about goods safety & that's why we use quality packing material for safe transit of your goods.

24X7 Support

We have our customer support department which works 24*7*365 for our customer's help.

Our Team

Our team are available 24*7 in all 365 days of year so clients can contact us anytime to fulfill their relocating needs.

why choose

Why Choose Us ?

Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai are a renowned and recognized packing and moving corporation. You can use the services of the company by ordering online or calling on the direct number of the executive. The company provides an end-to-end solution for packing and moving-related projects in Chennai. Thousands of contented customers have already used our services. A wide range of corporate houses of different types and shapes are also included in the list of the client of the company.

Certified and licensed

Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai work on a strict policy of complete document and never compromise with the documentation. Due to this reason, our company has obtained all the permission and certification from the concerned authorities to run its business.

Our business practice is certified and we do have the license to run the business. Our vehicles are also verified and tested from time to time by the concerned authority and this means that you can simply get excellent packing and moving solution from us.

Written contracts and invoice

Written contracts are done to make sure that there should not be any dispute with the client at Velachery Packers And Movers Chennai. We provide clear written terms and conditions of the services. We also provide complete package information that the customers are going to obtain. In this way, we make sure that there is complete transparency in the services.

Our customers can get information about the charges through our invoice that is provided. You can expect no difference in the promised services and actual services that are provided to the client because of the written agreement and invoice.

Insurance coverage available

Insurance coverage is necessary to have documents because predicting the happenings of the future is not possible. This means that you can ask for the necessary risk coverage with the perfect insurance policy. Many policies are available at Velachery packers and movers Chennai for the clients and we can ask for insurance policies. You can explore the premium of the various insurance policies with us. Clients can demand the insurance coverage of our vehicle or other important insurable material. In this method, we can cover the risk involved in this factor.

High class and tested packing material

Packing material can play a major role in the protection of various things at the time of transfer. Velachery Packers And Movers only use the certified and tested packing material to make sure that customers can get the damage-free delivery of the goods.

We use the highly trusted material and test it many times before using it on the goods of the clients. Several layers of advanced packing material keep the goods safe from dust, dirt, and breakage.

Professionalism and work ethics

Work ethics are very important for us and we always remember this factor that customer is the king. We treat our customers not less thanking and this is the reason behind our success. All of our staff members are qualified for the job and well trained to do the jobs of packers and movers. Before assigning us on the work we make sure that We are tested for our skills and knowledge.

Our Services

We provides best relocation services that includes home relocation, office moving, Local Shifting, bike transport, commercial relocation, factory moving, car carriers, warehousing, Transport Insurance Services etc.

packing and moving services

Packing & moving

We have been setting new benchmarks in packing moving industry from last 10 years with our innovative moving solutions & friendly work culture.

Loading and Unloading services

Loading & unloading

Every goods are loaded by our expert workers arranging it in a proper way in the loading vehicle so that no damages or loss occurs while transporting it.

Home Relocation services

Home / Office Relocation

Velachery packers movers provide comprehensive household shifting & office relocation services for our clients in all possible ways to achieve their goals.

Car Transportation services

Car carriers Services

We provide door to door safe & sound car transportation services from Chennai to pan India by company’s own vehicle carriers at affordable price.

Commercial Relocation services

Commercial Relocation

We are corporate movers with many years of experience. We know that time is money. We offer the best office moving solutions for your needs.

Warehouse services

Warehousing Services

We provide the good storage services in Chennai for short term or long term according to the requirements of the customers at affordable rates.

Insurance services

Insurance Services

We also provide appropriate insurance services to make you free from all the unwanted tension & unforeseen risk while shifting the goods to new locale.

Insurance services

Best packers and movers Chennai FAQ

Should I hire a packing and moving company at the time of moving home to another location?

Packing and moving companies are specialized in handling the work of home or office moving. We have expert packers and movers who can pack everything carefully. Further, we have advanced methods and tricks to handle the work efficiently. You should never be worried about it and make sure that everything is going to happen nicely. Professional packers and movers use advanced methods and pack the material safely before loading this into the transport vehicle. The packing team always carries the special type of packing material by which you can get excellent results. 

Is our packing and moving service costly?

Many individuals have the misconception that packing and moving services are very costly. Nevertheless, the reality is quite different from it. You can find highly reliable services within your budget and this will be saving your money and effort both. Packing and moving services are costly because you can always choose the most affordable pricing as per your preference for the project. 

Indeed, you can find quite a competitive pricing due to cut through competition in the modern world. Always find suitable packers and movers by comparing our services online. In the online world, you can find the necessary information. In this way, you can reach the perfect decision about the packing and moving company. 

Can I combine all my packing and moving requirements with one company?

You will find that many companies have huge and reliable resources. This means that you do not need to be worried about hiring different companies for moving demands. You should always ask and check the packing and moving company is offering end-to-end services or not. At present, there are many companies available, which can combine all your requirements for packing and moving. You should work in the same context and make sure that everything is going in the perfect sense. 

Yes, you can always package your deals like house moving, office moving, Vehicle moving and employee moving, and heavy machines or equipment moving with a single company. For this, you should always check the profile of the packing and moving company and in this way. You can always make a big difference. 

What advantage I can expect from the professional packing and moving company?

A trusted and certified packing and the moving company will be delivering several benefits. You should always check the background of the company to make sure that everything is working in the right context as per your given instructions. In this way, you can make a big difference and win the best packing and moving deals. 

Packers and movers are experts in the work and we can save your precious time. Doing the same, work can take hours without any professional help. Nevertheless, you can complete the work without any trouble when professionals are working for you. We have special packing material and thus you can expect to have nice and effective packing and moving services. We will be working for you with a special material to pack everything, which falls into our different category. Always remember that nothing is going to substitute the high-quality services and trained staff members. 

How can I avoid scammers packing and moving companies?

You will find that hardly there is any fraud done but we cannot give any guarantee of it. Therefore, everyone should know about the right method of hiring the packing and moving company to make sure that We are not a fraud. For this, you should check the history of the company. 

You should check the brand of the company should be old enough. Some companies keep on changing our name to avoid the reality. We do so to avoid the negative feedback given by the previous companies. Always make sure that the company is not changing its name frequently. Further, you should also check the documentation of the company. Verify the details from the trusted stores only. Make sure that you visit headquarter or office of the company in person. 

Demand for the necessary documents for the authority of the company. Never show any sign of hesitation in asking us to verify the various details for example GST number, license to run the business, certification, and so on. By asking for such information, you can reach the perfect decision and avoid scammers. Furthermore, you should always check about previous clients of the company and never forget to verify the details personally to reach the right decision. 

How Can I take the maximum benefit of the packing and moving company?

You should make a list of the items that you can move. Pack that particular material safely in advance and keep it separate. This way you can reduce the charges that you are going to pay the packing and moving company. 

For security reasons, you should separate the cash, ornaments, and important documents and move us on your own without help. If you are in no hurry, you should use the packing and moving services in the non-peak seasons. During some particular days of the year, We do provide a heavy discount to the users. In the same manner, you can take the maximum benefits from us.

What types of insurance available with packing and moving companies?

Authentic packing and the moving company will always offer you insurance policies to choose from. You can tell us about your requirement. You can always cover the risk by paying the minimum amount for the insurance premium. Usually, there are different types of insurance companies, which can provide you excellent results.

Thus, you should never hesitate in this context and make sure that packing and moving companies are offering remarkable services. In this manner, you will be having many advantages. You can obtain the transition insurance to get the claim on the goods if it is damaged on the way. Furthermore, there is third party insurance available that you can purchase. Before making the decision to buy insurance cross-check the rates on the internet.

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